Thursday, 3 January 2013

Should I?

48 hours is a lot of time. It is, when you are in the right mood. So where is mine?
Some things have happened during the last few days. The new year started, for one. And it had its ups and downs.
I’m feeling anxious practically all the time. And it’s amazing how you two made me feel calm and safe, while I was with you. I’m just surprised that it was not the other person.
I thought I knew about changes in people, I thought I was ready, but it came out so different from what I was expecting. I’m letting go though, I’m not gonna try to change anything this time.
It’s not all black and white, of course, but those things that are, give us the strongest emotions that we could ever get. So, you were very white for me that day, and I was almost as content as I could be.
I thought before that I was good at relationships, but as the time flies by, more confidence of mine disappears. I’m becoming good in some things, but (oddly) it seems to make me more vulnerable in a way.
I made some difficult decisions two days ago. I hope that those few who matter to me the most, will stand by me. I see those common qualities. And I hope, you'll keep it real.
’cause if it’s gone for you then I too may lose it, and that would be wrong.

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