Thursday, 13 December 2012

happy times. foals. patrick wolf. brighton.

столько впечатлений за последние 3 дня. честно говоря, я ничего подобного не ожидала. это один из тех моментов, когда делаешь что-то и потом понимаешь, как хорошо, что сделал, а то так и не узнал бы чего-то важного. я всё чаще замечаю такие вещи.
мне хотелось много всего написать. ещё начиная с выходных, когда вместо "отдыха" на меня обрушилось срочное, но крутое задание. и вот, за полтора часа до времени на билете фолс, я оказалась на лондон-бридж, в ожидании поезда.
у меня было такое чувство выполненного долга, как после того, как сдала istd прошлой весной)
но в общем, я добралась сначала до отеля, откуда мне даже звонили, а потом до клуба.
wow countryside is all frosty-snowy. so beautiful! I'm writing this on the train.
в клубе мне не продали вискиколу, что совсем уж позорно в 23-то года)) мой id был в куртке, а куртка в cloakroom. идти за ним мне было лень, я пошла в зал. trophy wife на разогреве были отличными. потом 30 минут ожидания и начался один из самых лучших концертов, на которых я была! I am hardly the kind of person who can just let it go, but foals are something else. it was an hour and a half of pure joy, fun and love. guys in the crowd were all fun and we danced, and sang, and jumped, and clapped! and everyone was happy and foals were amazing as always. [here you go, little bit of joy]
and tap water at the end of the gig was a nice touch, well done concorde 2.
the sea. the water is darker than the sky at night. I've spent so much time standing there and thinking. i feel calm at the sea. I feel safe. I feel happy. you say leo's element is fire, I say fuck you. that's why I don't believe in astrology.
the next day started with frosty and sunny morning. the water was the calmest I've ever seen it here in brighton. 
IMG_8037_s IMG_8017_s IMG_8124_s
later I went running and it was a hell of a run! 13k running hills, watching the sea. the best run ever. IMG_8161_s
I did some work that needed to be done in my room afterwards. the internet in the place was shit.. had to send out files off the phone)

it was the time for patrick's gig in the st mary's church. and once again the moment when you actually questioning if you should go and make the right decision at last.
the church was beautiful. the musical instruments standing in the middle of it looked magical. piano's top either had a mirror on the inside or I was imagining things.
russian orthodox church should take a note on this. well if it could take a note on anything that is.
supporting act was very good. abi wade is a sweet girl with such a beautiful voice.
pause.patrick. patrick is not the singer whose songs I know by heart. but I really appreciate his talent and his wonderful self. I may be associate him with some hidden part of myself. (that was some revelation by the way).
he was very shy for some reason. his family being in the audience perhaps, but it literally meant less talking more singing, which was good in a way.
in a way.

I had a wonderful time. this post is full of words like wonderful, beautiful and amazing. not a bad thing, is it?
and now I'm on the bus in london already, finishing this writing and being nostalgic))
will post it from the computer, add some pictures)
love you all.

my charger has broken at last. am on my way to get a new one) this post takes too long to publish.))

finally posting it the next day!
the videos are not even half close to the actual atmosphere on the gigs. obviously

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