Sunday, 15 January 2012


дурочкой можно быть или всегда или не долго, да?
поэтому я перестаю в срочном порядке и беру себя в руки. перестаю отказываться от приглашений в гости, перестаю напрягаться, перестаю ненавидить себя etc etc
i can let go and just do some moaning and whining, can't i?
can't wait my liverpool films to develop! quite exited about starting the new project. going to upload my recent (a-z) works soon!
nice weekend. not much to torture myself with right now, is there? a day of rest before the working week. and you know what? i'm gonna make it early morning tomorrow and go to yoga. and it's been a while since my last jog which is not good. gonna catch up with everything during the next week. uh

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