Wednesday, 30 March 2011

bbc documentary on leo tolstoy. - 12 days left. some interesting points.

an urgent impulse to live life right and extreme.
the russian culture is all about it - no compromise // compromise is a positive concept in english culture, not in russia.
russia was born to extremities. thats why it has got moscow vs st. petersburg, war and piece, crime and punishment. it's generally characterizes by going out beyond normality to extremes of experiences.
[loose quote]
isn't that exactly what i'm running off? (myself)
but i'm not sure if the principle really works for the present. the europeanization has destroyed a part of it. it's not in russian habit to follow something. it's against the nature - against the rebellious spirit, innit? has it changed from the insight or is it just a lull before the storm? quite a long lasting one if you ask me.
that long conversation with a dearest friend of mine few days ago about the sense of style and imposed fashion. it made me overlook some key points. one more time.
manymany more times to go.

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