Saturday, 25 September 2010


it was a rough day. enrolment was ok, except me looking like a troll on student id. but i guess, that it can't be the other way for a photo on document. i came all the way to earl's court to get to know that the 100% design exhibition coasts 20 pounds but the students days're on sat and sunday.
so i had a lunch at garfunkel's. it was not worth the money.
after a small walk at kensington i accidentally reached putney and there was a girl standing on the edge of the bridge trying to commit suicide. the police enclosed the area and loads of people were staring at the thing. i can't tell if they wished her to jump or not.
actually the surroundings were really picturesque and there were gorgeous swans in the dirty thames. but i didn't dare to come closer to them, cause they were near that side of the bridge where the girl was standing.
so i made a long walk up the fulham road before taking the bus. i have not used the tube yet. actually i'm not going to. because i hate underground. i hated it in moscow, so why would it be different here?
there was an upset woman in the bus, who kept a diary at her iphone and wrote smthing about love and "bullshiting a bullfighter". i'm sorry i've read that thing, but i was really bored.
and through the window i've seen a very happy man in a wheelchair, who was fooling around with his girlfriend(?), the one who pushed the carriage.
and it all got better.

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